Miami Local SEO

Our local SEO services will get your website more traffic and higher rankings on the big three Internet search engines. Local SEO is designed to target a specific location, product, or service your company offers when a consumer conducts an Internet search.

SEO2RESULTS provide the following  SEO services:

  • Market and Competition research
  • Web Design and site building / Evaluating your current website
  • keyword research and Keyword strategy
  • On-page SEO, such as title tag writing, description tag writing, Alt tag writing, and in-bound linking strategies
  • SEO content or/and copywriting
  • Off-page SEO, such as external linking strategies, social media marketing and directory submissions
  • link building via high quality articles or private blog networks
  • Online reporting on your ranking

Why is this important to you and the success of your company’s website? When you have a website constructed there are many different steps you need to take in order to make it move up in the ranks on the Internet pages.

There are literally thousands of Internet pages with companies that never make it to the top ten Google, Bing or Yahoo pages, by working with a professional SEO (search engine optimization) company,

you can increase your chances of getting found. When a consumer who lives in Miami, Florida types in a product such as ‘washing machines” or a service such as ‘window washing” they may be routed to washing machines or window washers in Sacramento, California instead of Miami, Florida. This is where local SEO comes in.